The dead came forward to tell her secrets nobody knew…


Inspired by real-life true stories, this is not your typical protagonist sheriff/detective/tenacious journalist unravels the mystery book-it’s world-renowned psychic medium Katharine Branham communicating with

wronged spirits of murder victims to unearth the terrible truths buried deep in their graves.

“They knew about my work, but Dr. O’Brien seemed more interested in the ghost and spirit stories I had shared from time to time.”

“The table filled up with other medical staff members…Dr. O’Brien leaned

over to ask, “Have you worked on anything interesting lately?”

“I glanced down at my spinach wrap and said, “I woke up at 4am to find a

nurse standing next to the bed”.

“Dr. O’Brien knew I had anxiety in the past from spirits making me feel

overwhelmed at times. He knew some of the scary and incredibly sad things I

had seen too. He was not someone I needed to hide anything from so I said, ‘I

was nervous since I knew she was a murderer'”.


It Was Murder is True Crime Mystery plus Thriller/Suspense with a hefty dash of Paranormal.

Psychic Katharine uncovers dark secrets that have been tucked away through years of lies and deception by family members, friends, lovers, and cold-blooded killers.

"Death is one thing, murder another, but add in a little supernatural and a few angels... now you have a real spiritual lesson!"
~ It Was Murder

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